Myra is a photographer who has lived her life following her passion for adventure and finding the story.  Some of her first memories as a child involve her family and the camera, whether out with her dad in the early mornings photographing the balloon festival with her Fischer Price camera or sitting with her brother as a model for her mom's photography homework.  As a junior in high school Myra took her first official photography class and was hooked on the process of taking, developing and presenting her images.  Since that first class Myra has earned her BA in Art History, traveled the country leading tours to foreign student travelers, worked a ski season in the mountains of Colorado, hiked the Appalachian Trail, earned her MA in Media Arts, worked the red carpet at three Oscars, and spent recent summers living, working and photographing such places as the coast of Maine and wilderness of Montana.  In 2016, Myra earned her MFA in Photography from Kansas State University. Her thesis project, The Forgotten Home, examined the idea of home and the forgotten memories through the manipulation of the photograph and use of installation. She now resides in Kansas City and works as a freelance real estate photographer & editor, offers classes & workshops, and displays her photographic work in her studio at InterUrban ArtHouse in Overland Park.