Digital Photography from A(perture) to Z(oom)

  • Beginner level
  • 5 sessions @ 2 hours each
  • $50/session

This workshop will help introduce you to the basic operations and features of your Digital SLR camera. We will discuss proper exposure through the understanding and use of aperture, shutter speed & ISO. We will also talk about lens selection and how to bring this all together for your subject matter. A digital camera & the manual is required for this workshops.

Digital Photography from A(perture) to Z(oom) - Bootcamp

  • Beginner level
  • 1 day session @ 6 hours
  • $150

This one-day workshop will help you introduce you to your camera to help you learn how to create strong images with your camera options. We will explore the elements of exposure through the use of aperture, shutter speed & ISO. A digital camera & manual is required for this workshop.


Digital Photography: Composition & Context

  • Intermediate level
  • 5 sessions @ 2 hours each
  • $50/session

Discover the aesthetic & technical aspects of creating strong digital photographs. We will further explore the importance of exposure along with the design ideas that help lead towards powerful compositions. We will begin to talk about what makes a body of work through homework and critiques.

Photography & The Photo Transfer

  • All levels
  • 2 sessions @ 2 hours each
  • $50/session (materials included)

Looking for a new way to present your photograph to your audience? Discover the world of the photo transfer. We will learn about the process and you will be provided with 2 options to choose from for your first transfer. I will provide the materials but you will need to bring an image to the sessions.


Photography for the Painter

  • $50/session

This class is set up to be more of an independent study type class. I am open to working with painters to help learn how to take better photographs of their subjects that can be used as reference photos for their work. Subjects such as exposure and depth of field can be reviewed with the camera. I am also open to helping painters learn a little bit about Photoshop to help them bring the colors, shadows, highlights, etc of their reference image to life. This workshop can be built around the needs of the student/group.

Photography: Portfolio Reviews


Are you in need of an outside eye to help you with your photographic images? I have worked with a variety of photography students helping them to develop a portfolio of their work. I have helped students prepare final portfolios for the Palm Springs Photo Festival, graduate school applications, and exhibitions. I have also worked with students during the initial/middle stages of building their portfolios and helped them determine their direction through conversation, writing, and presenting examples of work by other artists. These would be one-on-one sessions that can begin in person and continue via email or Skype.

*** new workshops will be added throughout the year - check back periodically for updates. feel free to contact me about workshops you would like to see added to the list ***